Students on a Mission

MillieMillie is one of the Student Team Interns this year, supporting the Hyde Park Network.  She updates us on the exciting things that are happening in the Student Networks and how God is working through those Networks.

Read Millie's story here to find out how her internship is going and where God is working.


"We have seen students really find their place within the Church and form lasting relationships." Student Intern

The strength of community within each network, and the students’ passion for mission, is really encouraging and inspiring.  Some amazing first years have, independently from our student work, started taking food out to the homeless and broken people of Leeds, and offering to talk and pray with the people they meet. (Read their story here)

God has provided massively for them in resources and faith, and it’s amazing to see such bold students taking initiative and seeking God’s Kingdom by Loving Leeds.

The Internationals Network in particular has seen amazing growth and some really exciting events. Every week they meet together at either an evening small group, where they study the Bible and pray together, or after church on Sunday for lunch, where they also receive teaching. They also have their own table at Alpha as there are 7 international students who go!

At the start of January they held a Chinese New Year party, where students and some of the wider church family gathered together to celebrate and learn about this Chinese festival. Christian international students are really starting to grow in their faith here at St George’s and have expressed their gratitude for the resources they have been given.

"Network has been so helpful this year, such a building block and an incredible journey with some amazing people!" Hyde Park Network Student

Student Alpha

This term, we have started a small scale Alpha course in the homes of some of our students. It has been a challenge and a learning experience, but it has been exciting to see how many students are interested in hearing about Jesus.

At our small Alpha courses, we have had a total of about 20 people which is really exciting, and are now just trusting in God that he is working in each of their lives.

"My friend text me after our first session and said that he thought it was such a good idea to have the alpha course in someone's home as it meant everyone felt comfortable to share and be honest." Student Alpha Host

CU Mission Week

We had the privilege of helping the CU with their mission week at the start of February. The student team were there to support the CU in serving the student population in the well-known big white tent, where a free cafe is held, and also a free lunch, when guest speaker Adrian Holloway gave some answers to the ‘big questions’.

St George’s were also involved in providing food for one of the evening events, aimed at people who were really interested and wanted to find out more about the love of Jesus. The CU is doing a great job of being missional on campus, but the help of the wider church in Leeds is really important to help their events happen.

They had a really good response from the students on campus after mission week, with a lot of people showing interest in becoming part of the CU or joining the follow up course to find out more.


What can St George’s pray?

As a Student team we are trying to work out how best to do mission and how to love and serve students in Leeds. We would really love for God to guide us as we seek Him and keep trying out different events and ideas of how to share the good news with young adults.

At Wrangthorn, we are working to make the congregation feel valued and confident in their faith, and see how we can best support and serve them.

To find out more about Networks at St George's at our website.