United in the Vision

JonathanWe have seen a quite a fantastic response to our Gift Day appeal. When the new and increased standing orders with one-off gifts are added up over an 11 month period, a total of £74,000 has been raised! In other words we've exceeded our target. Of course, we need to keep on praying, for during the year a number of people will move on. We always need new people to be joining the vision. This is an amazing response at this time of economic squeeze! So, a big thank you to all of you who prayed and gave so generously. What a faithful and generous God we have! We all agreed that we should mark God’s goodness with a special time of Thanksgiving, which we will do on Sunday April 14th at both our services.

More exciting than the money itself is what it means; God is with us and we are united around this vision of ‘sharing life, loving Leeds’. The message of ‘consolidation’ is clearly striking a chord. I feel that both our main services are feeling solid at this time; we have a strong core and a strong team leading. The vision for Networks is spreading. Alpha is continuing to draw people. The Church Centre is doing better financially, which is another answer to prayer.


My main area of concern is the pressure on our lives; modern life is pressured! Let’s pray that God will meet with us during lent, refresh us and speak very personally to those who need to hear a word from God.