Transit Network

Richard and Rachael give an update on the last term in Transit Network.

What did you do on Network Sunday?

Network Sunday in March was a lot of fun! Our network met in Church and celebrated National Pie Week. We had a bring a share meal (lots of pie), a time of worship and lots of time to pray for each other.  It was great to meet in Church as a couple of people who weren’t in a Network joined us to worship and pray. It was particularly special to meet up with the other small groups as there was a sense of community; it was like having dinner with the extended family!

How is small group going?

Small group is incredible, the only evening in the week when ‘relaxing’ constitutes inviting 11 people round to your house and cooking for them! We have grown as a family so much since starting to meet in October. We now know the importance of having a family like network around you.

Richard has been at this Church for 27 years and I for almost 5, but as a student for most of that time, we have been part of many groups and small communities within the large Church, but for the first time feel part of a small family within St George’s.

Having people to share honestly and accountably with makes life easier.  After a long working week we have a reliable group of friends to support us and pray for us.  Each week we pray together and email out prayer points so that everyone feels supported.

We eat together every week which is the reason we have developed strong friendships, and also a good way to get through a bible study in full as time having dinner allowed time to catch up.

We’ve had 2 additions to our small group since we started.  A work colleague of an existing member joined us for dinner which made it so easy to get to know him better. Although he’s still exploring Christianity he has taught us so much and been a blessing to the group in so many ways; through his prayers and cake baking skills! Finally, our youngest member, baby Sam Jackson, has been a great reminder to us of God’s blessings and his awesome creation!

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