New Wine Women's Day

In March 2,000 women gathered in Harrogate for a day of relaxing in God’s presence, worship and to be inspired by what God is doing in others, in the North of England and around the World.  A group of us went there from St George’s and thoroughly enjoyed it, leaving feeling inspired, empowered and confident in Gods word! Here are two, more personal, reflections on the day. #nwblaze

"It was a blessing to be at the new wine women’s conference with 2,000 other women.  I woke up and thought ‘I just have to go’ but I hadn’t bought a ticket and so thought I had to risk it even though it was fully booked.  Fortunately there was a seat for me!  Great talks and inspiring talks. One thing that really spoke to me was when the worship leader Nicole Brown said there was some research done to suggest it’s impossible to have a negative thought when you raise your head and hands (as though in worship), and I just thought, yes I can go with that; when I come to worship the Lord and things pull me down, such as a difficultly in life or a problem, as soon as I lift my head and hands I feel lifted to my Father in Heaven! And the fact that there’s research makes sense that the scripture exhorts us to lift our hands, forget our circumstances and to remember how much he cares for us!"

"I was really reminded of the simplicity of evangelism, which was so new to me.  I had never understood evangelism as something I could do, simply.  But listening to Eleanor Mumford and Miriam Swaffield as they shared stories of God at work around them and through them, it made me realise that I too could be chatting to people about Jesus at the supermarket check out or ‘blagging a banquet’ to bless the people of Leeds with food and a party! Thinking about our vision as a Church to ‘Share Life and Love Leeds’ and the different gifts God has given in my small group and Network alone, together we have such potential to share the Kingdom of God here, now."