April/13: Mission Partners

Charles and Jocelyne Montagu

Charles and Jocelyne live in the UK, working for Arab World Ministries (AWM) In their latest prayer letter they ask us to pray for:

Slimane, an Egyptian who has suffered many hardships after fleeing his home.  He is now returning to Egypt where he will face family hostile to his Christian faith.

Karima, originally from Syria, but now living in Jordan where she has recently embraced the Christian faith.  Please pray for protection, spiritual growth and a good testimony in hard circumstances for these and others coming to faith in the Arab world.

Andy, recently back from training national believers in Iraq and Egypt, that he will grow into his role as Coordinator of AWM's email response system.

For God’s guidance regarding the best use of AWM buildings in the UK and Marseille, and for the team there to remain encouraged in spite of their small numbers.

Charles, as he travels to Marseille from April 21-26 for meetings to discuss and improve their Maarifa website.

Romania Mission Team

Each year for the past few years a team of people from Leeds churches, including St George's, have visited Romania to help out at a Gospel focussed holiday club, usually with an accompanying sports club.

The team this year includes thirteen people from St George's who will be involved with personal evangelism, home visits, orphanage visits and a Clean City project.

The dates for the trip itself are late evening 26th July to 4th August. The Event for fundraising will be 25th May at 7.30pm in the Church Centre, and people are encouraged to offer their talents for that event, and to be praying for that also.  See details in the notice sheet to get involved in the Romania Mission.

Pray that they will be a blessing to the community of Hunedoara, and that they will come to know more of God's love. Pray also for the individual projects as described above, the Romanian leaders, practical considerations, and smooth planning for the trip.

Please also pray for the participants to be free from anxiety, especially the ones for whom this is their first mission, and prayer for our safety.

To find out more about Mission Partners at St George's visit our website.