Farsi Network

New Year (‘No Ruz’) is the most important time of the Iranian year. Based on the lunar calendar, the exact moment of the new year can be at any time of day or night and is celebrated by special food, dancing and time together. It is followed by two weeks of visiting and being visited, (‘did o bazdid’) starting with the house of the oldest family member and ending at the youngest. This year in Leeds the Lord did a very special work, bringing together the leaders of Farsi fellowships in three churches (St George's, City and LRBC) to organise a joint evangelistic New Year celebration. A team came from Elam, an Iranian mission organisation near London, to lead worship and teach.

The message was that God does not want us to just beautify our exterior (as Iranian people do each year with new hairstyles and new clothes), but to let Him change us on the inside. He is able to make us into a New Creation!

After the worship part of the celebration there was a meal, music and dancing. As expected when the Good News is preached there was a mixed reaction. Some were angry that there was a serious element to the gathering and others mocked those who were worshipping. However, others drew close to the Lord. There was a very special time in which Iranians prayed over the English guests, breaking the curses of their ancestors in the UK and praying blessing on the city of Leeds. In addition over 20 people took away New Testaments.

We would appreciate prayer for Iranians in Leeds and beyond, that this year many more would be drawn to Him and that the St George's Farsi Network and other groups in this city can be a powerful witness of His love and holiness.

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