On the Cricket Pitch

"When he said 'lay down your life for the team' I didn't think literally!"

Tony Sheppard has led the St George’s cricket team for many years, taking over 1000 wickets. He has seen Gods faithfulness in his own life and through the community of cricket players.  In light of the new season starting soon Tony shares his story with us. When He said "lay down your life for the team" I didn't think literally! But that's what happened in Saturday 4 Sept 2004 when I collapsed at Harewood playing cricket.

The miracle that followed - 3 times my heart stopped, massage, mouth to mouth, defibrillator, ambulance, hospital, recovery, and return - were all testament to the team's prayer, faith and love over the following 3 months. The match which we were losing was abandoned as a draw!

We still play at Harewood, where we have been for 34 years, on a pitch that we maintain, in a new pavilion built by the estate.  We have over 30 players, plan to play over 35 games this season and run a midweek Spacious Places cup competition. We are supporting Spacious Places by our giving and spreading awareness of its work.

We welcome new players and have players from St Georges, other churches and no church, but what unites us is cricket, mutual support and no game starts before we have had a prayer!

"What unites us is cricket, mutual support, and no game starts before we have had a prayer!"

Luke Jackson plays on the team and shared: “Pastorally I’m supported by a group of people I would never usually interact with. Sport draws people together who would otherwise be completely unconnected. Spirituality and sport come together in a symbiotic relationship and there’s a beauty that comes out of sport when spirituality is involved; I see that in a lowly cricket match. It’s great that sport can be an act of worship.”

Find fixtures and info on how to get involved at the cricket website. You are welcome to visit us, have a cup of tea and a sandwich!