ACM 2013: St George's Crypt & St George's Centre

"Thanks to all of you for playing your part in the St George’s family, and in furthering our mission to Share Life and Love Leeds. Thank you for giving your time, gifts, energy, commitment, prayers and financial support. It is a big team effort." Jonathan Clark

Here is an overview of our ministries and activities in the last 12 months. Together as a Church we can celebrate what God is doing!

Church Centre

"Over 12,000 people passed through the Church Centre doors in 2012"

The Church Centre continues to make a valuable contribution to the life of St George's, both in financial and mission terms.  2012 saw a slowing down of room bookings in the early part of the year, mainly due to the recession.  A focused marketing strategy was drawn up in the summer which helped the Centre to make a remarkable turnaround for the last quarter of the year and is something we continue to develop. Over 12,000 people passed through the Church Centre doors in 2012. Maureen, Dean and Ilona work hard to welcome and show hospitality to all who use the building which is greatly appreciated and encourages them to return on a regular basis.

Dave Sankey

St George’s Crypt

The Crypt has been especially busy, developing new and exciting projects as well as successfully managing a threefold increase in demand on services.

Demands: Due to closure of hostel spaces, we are in demand more than ever and this has led to the setting up of the HUB, an emergency 72 hour bedded service offering up to 36 bed spaces where, before, we had 12. This has meant converting our training rooms into dorms and taking on two further support workers, who are being paid by Leeds City Council.

Training and Engagement: This is proving to be the most admired activity within the sector. We have a daily programme of events such as Physiotherapy, TB screening, Arts, Drama, Cooking skills, Worship and Reflection.

Offenders and Ex-offenders: We have a working partnership with Askham Grange (women’s open prison) and Armley for offenders due for imminent release. We offer them work experience and this has been incredibly successful. We now have up to 15 current offenders working with us throughout the Charity at any given time. We have also employed 4 as Crypt staff.

Volunteers: We have been working hard at building relationships with the corporate sector as well as the University, engaging them in volunteering. This has been another success with many of the large companies sending teams in for days at a time to tackle certain areas.

Nurture: We have successfully opened the long awaited café in Armley as an extension of the shop. This is a great hit with the local shoppers and has enabled us to employ, and take as volunteers, people from the local community and Askham Grange as mentioned above. The café also links into the first Foodbank in Leeds being set up from the shop and café which has enabled great working links with Gateway church and Christ Church Upper Armley.

Finances: As always, ready cash flow is tight, but we have good management and housekeeping and we have built Reserves to ensure we can survive the coming year should our regular income streams from our donor base fall due to the present financial circumstances.

Overall, a good year with many client based projects and initiatives taking place.

Chris Fields CEO St George’s Crypt 

The full report is available on our website as well as Full Financial Statement. If you have any questions about the reports do contact the relevant leader, or email Jonathan Clark.  Alternatively you can follow our Annual Church Meeting reports and post your comments on Twitter using #StGsACM.