ACM 2013: Church & Worship

“Thanks to all of you for playing your part in the St George’s family, and in furthering our mission to Share Life and Love Leeds. Thank you for giving your time, gifts, energy, commitment, prayers and financial support. It is a big team effort.” Jonathan Clark

Here is an overview of our ministries and activities in the last 12 months. Together as a Church we can celebrate what God is doing!


Over the last year we have seen the worship ministry grow spiritually, numerically, creatively, in diversity, all held together in unity. We share life by setting aside dedicated times to meet together to pray for each other and for the worship life of the church. One of the ways we have been loving Leeds is by running a citywide Worship Central course, helping resource musical worship teams in eleven other churches across different denominations. We have also been loving Leeds by hosting high quality evangelistic events ranging from Carols by Candlelight to the Gospel According to Bond. These events have helped us to reach thousands of people with the gospel, many of whom were guests. As a team we are committed to both exploring fresh expressions of worship as well as standing on our rich heritage of Christian traditions.

Chris Sayburn


The last twelve months at Wrangthorn have been about getting to know people and seeking to see how God wants to grow his church in this area of Leeds. A small number of people from St George’s have committed to worshipping at Wrangthorn and others have committed time and energy in prayer and service.  The PCC recently agreed that our aim is for St Augustine’s to be a place of welcome and warmth, where all can encounter God and from where we reach out with the love of God to those in the local community.  There are big challenges ahead as we make the most of the many mission opportunities there are at the skate park, in the student community, in the local schools and amongst the residents as well as ensuring that both our services and our buildings are accessible and inviting. We are praying for God to raise up more people to come and join us in this exciting kingdom adventure.

Joanna Pearson

Community Church


  1. We have had services on most Sundays, all led by members of the Community Church with a varied selection of speakers.
  2. We had a wonderful weekend away at Green Gables in Scarborough where we celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee by making a hat and/or a stained glass window. Joyce Illingworth ran a thought-provoking Bible study on Esther.
  3. Stuart Roberts started a Community Choir and Community Church agreed to support the choir financially and a few of us joined.  The choir sang at the July Community Barbecue and everyone said how good it was.  They also sang at our Christmas concert. This was a great success and we had over 40 people there.
  4. In October when we had our Harvest Supper, Paul Clegg volunteered to sing for us. This was a huge success and people ate, stayed and were still singing next day! Thank you Paul for your support and input this year.
  5. Before Christmas Stuart and Paul distributed leaflets to the local area, inviting people to join the choir, and leaflets about Community Church.
  6. Community Church has a weekly collection for St George’s Crypt and although there are only a small number of us, this year we have donated over £500 to the Crypt which is greatly appreciated.
  7. In February a letter, outlining the history and needs (from our point of view) was sent to Jonathan. He and Stuart Roberts came to a DCC meeting where we exchanged information about both churches. Some proposals were put forward for the future of Community Church which need to be discussed further over the next few meetings.
  8. Clare Oldfield took up the post of Secretary for the year and we are grateful to her for this.
  9. I would like to say a big thank you to the members of the DCC for their help in the running of Community Church. I would also like to thank the whole of Community Church for their encouragement and faithfulness in making our church plant one of the longest standing in the country.

Ann McKenna Page

The full report is available on our website as well as Full Financial Statement. If you have any questions about the reports do contact the relevant leader, or email Jonathan Clark.  Alternatively you can follow our Annual Church Meeting reports and post your comments on Twitter using #StGsACM.