ACM 2013: Networks & Students

“Thanks to all of you for playing your part in the St George’s family, and in furthering our mission to Share Life and Love Leeds. Thank you for giving your time, gifts, energy, commitment, prayers and financial support. It is a big team effort.” Jonathan Clark

Here is an overview of our ministries and activities in the last 12 months. Together as a Church we can celebrate what God is doing!


With the launch of the new Transit network for young adults and three student networks there are currently 19 established networks. These networks are diverse in nature and structure, involving people of many different ages and backgrounds. They operate in different ways but all seek to grow as a family and to reach out with the good news of Jesus.  Some meet regularly as one large extended family group whilst others meet more often in smaller groups and then gather together for big occasions, social events and mission projects. Helping with allotments, visiting a care home, running a pub quiz, holding a New Year party, sharing Passover, going on a weekend away, and a mission in Cottingley are just some of the things that our networks have been involved in over this year as they seek to share life and love Leeds. This year saw the start of Network Sundays when people met in networks on a Sunday evening rather than at a central evening gathering at church. We are really grateful for the commitment of our network leaders.

Joanna Pearson


"People from half a dozen different countries have become Christians for the first time, rediscovered their faith or seen Jesus as Lord in a new light."

As a student team we made a strategic call to organise our ministry around multiple networks and God has honoured that decision.  We now have three networks meeting weekly which accounts for 80 students – 60 meeting weekly and 20 known by name and being upheld by their network through prayer.  The networks have been supported by outstanding one-off events such as Student Teas, weekends away, conferences and seminars. The depth of community and discipleship the student networks have discovered as we’ve gone through the Academy of Life has been astonishing.  An overflow of that life has led to new leaders rising up to set up prayer breakfasts, outreach ventures, Alpha courses and Bible studies.  People from half a dozen different countries have become Christians for the first time, rediscovered their faith or seen Jesus as Lord in a new light. It’s incredibly exciting to work at the hub of a massive community of young Christians whom God is raising up to lead the church for the next generation.  We are seeing students discover a grace that allows them to risk, a faith that allows perseverance, a hope that allows perspective and a love that requires self-sacrifice. I’m honoured, humbled and my prayer is simply this: ‘More Lord’.

Dan Tyler

Click here to see Our Vision video on Networks and Student work. Click here to see stories of students sharing life and loving Leeds.

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