May/13: Mission Partners

Andy and Uta Buckler and family

Andy and Uta live with their family in Paris,where Andy has a leadership position with the Eglise Reformee de France (ERF).  He has particular responsibility for training in order to bring spiritual renewal to local churches and enable them to engage in evangelism.

Please pray that God will continue to uphold Andy in this work and that he will be greatly encouraged as his work within these churches begins to bear fruit.

Please pray for the Internship scheme, that God will raise up young people to serve for a year in French churches and that this will be a great blessing to the work of ERF.

We are delighted that Andy is planning to be with us at St George's on 18th July for our 'Xchange Xtravaganza' event.  Please pray that we will use this opportunity to the full to learn more about Andy's ministry, to form and deepen our relationship with the Buckler family, and to encourage his work.

Finally, please continue to pray for Uta and for their family: Thomas, Samuel, Daniel, Lois and Amélie.  Pray that God will protect them and uphold them.  Pray for friendships to develop and deepen in their schools and in their church, and for a daily strengthening of their awareness of God's love.

Israel/Palestine Network

Please pray for members of the Israel/Palestine network as they continue to engage with Jewish and Muslim communities in Leeds.   Pray that in their presence at meetings and in their relationships with those of other faiths they will be 'salt' and 'light', demonstrating the love of Jesus.

Pray for four members of the network who are planning to visit Palestine this Autumn: Judith Jackson and Jenny Brownridge will be working on a YMCA olive picking project, working to help Palestinian farmers during the olive harvest.  Fiona McGill and Laura Proctor will be mainly working at the Bethlehem Arab Rehabilitation Hospital just outside Bethlehem.  Pray for all the practical and financial arrangements that need to be made in preparation for these mission trips.

Finally, we ask for prayer for David Kibble who leads the Israel/Palestine Network and is also taking on Church Warden duties at St George's.  We thank God for David's vision and commitment; please pray for him as he plans a group visit to Israel/Palestine next year, and that he will be equipped and fulfilled in each of his ministries and be supported by those with whom he works both within and outside St George's.

For more information about Mission Partners at St George's visit our website.