June/13: Mission Partners

Tearfund & Lale, Uganda

St George's is a partner with Tearfund in their work to help Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) Churches in Uganda engage with their local communities in a process that enables people to lift themselves out of poverty.

We give thanks that the project has moved into new districts in Uganda, working with twelve new communities.  There is an overwhelming demand for this programme. Please pray for the selection, training and effectiveness of the facilitators working with these new communities, that this will lead to physical, social, material and spiritual transformation.

Communications officer, Odiirah Kemerwa, asks us to pray for those communities that have finished with the process to continue growing as expected and not to lose the strong foundations of the Church and Community Mobilisation Process which are the Biblical principles.

Pray most especially for the appointed community development committee leaders and project committee leaders to keep the fire of development and use of local resources burning so that the community goals could be achieved.

Hugh and Heather Nelson

Hugh and Heather lead a small, rural church in Japan.  They have two sons, Tomo and Jun.

Recently Heather asked us to pray for Tomo who was about to go on a school trip that included visits to Buddhist temples.  Heather asked us to "pray for God's special protection on Tomo during this trip, physically and spiritually, and that he will stand strong in his faith, and make the most of opportunities to speak out for God."  The trip was last month and we give thanks that Tomo was able to opt out of the Zen meditation and enjoy the trip.

This reminds us to pray for the children of all our long term mission partners.  It can be pretty tough to be Christian kids in a hostile or indifferent culture, so please pray for Tomo and Jun along the lines that Heather has suggested.  Please pray for their school friends as well, that Tomo and Jun will be good ambassadors for their faith.

Please also pray for the family as they decide on when Tomo should move to a new school.  We give thanks that he has been accepted for the 'Christian Academy of Japan' (their first choice).  Now they have to decide whether he should transfer in August this year or March next year.  Your prayers on this would be appreciated.

Short term Mission

During the summer months we have a number of people engaged in short term mission overseas.  This month please pray particularly for:

  • Keith Williams as he returns from Ghana on 3rd June
  • Leah Thompson as she travels to Pune, India on 8th June for 2 months
  • Hannah Taylor, Juliet Radmall and Naomi Hill as they prepare for their trips next month.

For more information on our mission partners at St George's visit our website.