Wednesday Fellowship

Wednesday Fellowship began as a gathering for city workers; who would meet at lunch time for communion in the community room at Church.  Years later it has developed into what it is today; gathering on the 3rd Wednesday of the month for a talk, Communion and a meal together attracting currently around 25 over 60s.  It’s a great time to meet with friends, particularly those more elderly members who otherwise wouldn’t get chance to eat with others or even get out of the house. “It provides a social place for people to experience fellowship who otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity.” says Cilbie Appleyard the Fellowship’s current organiser. Wednesday Fellowship has seen God at work over the many years and there’s a real sense of sharing life within it. However, in discussion with John Walker who is now working with Wednesday Fellowship to help develop and grow the Network, there is a desire to open up the Fellowship recapturing something of its original vision. To that end from September 2013 the Fellowship Meetings (with no age limitations!) will have a variety of elements which may appeal to a range of people who may want to come to one of the elements but not necessarily to the others! So, the Fellowship will begin with Communion from 11.00am until 11.30am followed by Coffee/Tea/Biscuits until 12 Noon. Folk who only want Communion and a Cuppa and chat may then choose to leave; whilst others may choose to arrive for the Cuppa and what follows, namely a Talk at 12 Noon for an hour, followed by lunch from 1pm – 2pm. Of course folk are welcome to come and stay for all that’s happening – of whatever age and whatever connection they may or may not have with St George’s.

One man who hadn’t been to Church for over 40 years visited St George’s over the Christmas period, this led him to Wednesday Fellowship.  He said “it’s great that it is a free place to express yourself with no judgement”.

Another member who was feeling lost in Church said they found “friendship and acceptance at Wednesday Fellowship”.

Wednesday Fellowship had been praying for a permanent keyboard player to serve them with musical worship; although for a long time it had been difficult, or uncertain, God has answered this prayer and the group now have someone to help them worship.

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Find out more about Wednesday Fellowship at our website, or contact John Walker.