St George's Go Walking: June 2013

June 13 group a

With hopes of a walk in the Spring sunshine behind us St George's walkers met Summer face to face in a beautiful June walk through fields of tall grass and buttercups from Kettlewell to Hubberholme in the Yorkshire Dales. The route may have been a little longer than usual and there were a few who thought 13 miles was a little optimistic for their level of fitness but all coped admirably with the mainly low level terrain even if going downstairs was a bit tricky the next day! Great opportunities for conversation, moments of peace and tranquility, stunning scenery and toasted teacakes and tea to end....or nearly...most of West Yorkshire had headed out to the Dales that day, return to Leeds was via Keighley, we are always keen to introduce interesting features to our trips!

June 13

Next walk Saturday 13th July, click here to find out more details to join us!  Also find details of our weekend away here.