Short Term Mission: Summer/13

Here are all the details of our short term mission partners for this summer and what you can pray for them.

keithwilliamsKeith Williams Kumasi, Ghana 24 May - 03 June

Activities: Teaching a 'Kairos' course

Prayer Points: That Keith’s teaching will continue to have an impact on the course recipients.


Leah Thompson Pune, India 8 June - 8 August

Activities: Working at a women and children’s refuge; teaching arts and crafts and helping at a special needs school. Hoping to get involved in slum projects.

Prayer Points: For safety (it can be dangerous for female travellers). That Leah will be a blessing to the church and people of India. That Leah will be blessed with a deeper understanding of who God is as she is stretched in this new environment.


Abby Brown Durban, South Africa 30 June - 28 July

Activities: Working in orphanage with vulnerable HIV/AIDs victims. Helping village ‘mothers’ who act as parent to orphaned children, teaching life and literary skills and mathematics. Showing God's love through sports, arts and crafts.

Prayer Points: That Abby will see God’s power within the children and workers and be inspired and encouraged. That the children will grow in faith and benefit  from Abby's team; for that team to be united. That the grace and passion Abby sees will stay with her, enabling her to help people of her own culture and know God better.


Naomi Hill Matugga, Uganda 6 - 31 July

Activities: Working with the children in a school and orphanage; teaching English.

Prayer Points: For safe travel, effective use of Naomi's skills and good health during the visit.

Juliet Radmall Mbale, Uganda 13 - 31 July

Activities: Hosting a Young Leader Conference; working with young leaders in the Kasesse region; visiting water and goat projects and street children’s groups; spending time in the Namatala slum.

Prayer Points: Ability to give generously to the projects; for Juliet to have God's heart for the people she is serving; that she will be moved to continue to intercede for 'God's hurting children' on her return.


Hannah Taylor San Antonio, Ibiza 14 - 27 July

Activities: As part of Ibiza 24-7 team: caring for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the people we meet by praying for them, listening, helping practically ('Street Angel' style) and sharing faith.

Prayer Points: Safety, health and energy during long work hours and night shifts; spiritual protection. Good team relationships; openness to God's guidance and wisdom; for those they meet to understand God's message of love; to see God at work.

romaniateamRomania Team Hunedoara, Romania 26 July - 4 August

Activities: Annual event. Team working with the Bethlehem Centre on community projects and supporting the Bible study based holiday club.

Prayer Points: For the gospel to be known to the team and those visited; for strong relationships within the teams. For physical and emotional safety, and during travel; that we will be a practical and financial blessing to the local community.

lizzybetteridgeLizzy Betteridge & Matthew Brothwood Phnom Penh, Cambodia 15 - 30 August

Activities: Part of a team from Riverside Church. Helping to run youth groups; building relationship with sex workers; visiting families to encourage children in education; helping with children's' clubs.

Prayer Points: For the team to show God's love to the local community and local Christian workers; for God to guide them into the work where Jesus will be glorified; for safety during travel and whilst in Cambodia.

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