Women's Weekend Away 2013

booklet shot Women from St George's gathered in Wensleydale for a weekend of relaxing, listening to God and getting to know each other better. Lisa Woodlock led a small team to organise the weekend; Mary Clark led a short teaching programme on Faith, looking at the book of Hebrews.

Here are some reflections from some of the women who enjoyed the weekend:



What was your highlight of the weekend?

"Laughing in the spirit on the Saturday night. I just wanted to stay in a place of worship all night." Sally

"The impromptu harmonies during Sunday worship when we were encouraged to sing and create a new song for the Lord." Sam


Did you value the time away?

"It was a wonderful respite to regain perspective on what I had been investing my time and energy on. It was great to get to know more women in the church that I had never had the chance to get to know before." Sam

"It was time to get to know a few new people and to spend quality time with good friends who I don't get a lot of time to talk with. I had time to reflect on life and the things I am doing." Claire



Where was God working?

"It was amazing and so encouraging to hear so many stories. So many strong women who keep loving and praising God through the hard times they have had. Gripped in Grace." Sam

"About some things that had hit me since getting back from my recent holidays, learning about trust and walking in true faith." Claire

"There was an amazing openness to God, which prompted lots of people to be real and make themselves vulnerable. This then allowed others to let go. Instead of living in our own little bubbles we journeyed together for the weekend." Sally

Has the weekend made an impact on the way you Share Life, Love Leeds? 

"Yes, realising that although some people I  don't see very often but can still connect with and continue those relationships where they left off." Claire

"Yes, I’ve been much more chilled out this week. I scrapped my planned session for small group and just went with what seemed important. I’ve scrapped the lists of jobs and spent time with God and people instead." Sally

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