Aug/13: Prayer

Points to pray for this month...

Give thanks for John Winteler's life. Thank God for a wonderful Thanks giving service; pray for Candy and the family to be comforted by God.

Pray that, as we all think about John and his example, we would all use the skills, gifts and opportunities that Christ gives us to serve him, and not worry or complain about our disabilities, and the things we can't do!

Pray for Spacious Spaces, that new trustees/directors continue this good work.

Pray for the church staff, and all our church leaders, to get a good rest sometime in August/September.

Pray for Dave Sankey as he gets the church offices, and community room, and a new telephone system ready for the new term in September. Pray that he also gets some rest.

Pray specifically that God will raise up more people for the work of prayer ministry; people with prophetic gifts, who can hear God, and in prayer are available to God. Also that God will raise up counsellors; people who are trained and willing to give time to listening to and helping others.