Go into all the world and preach the Gospel!

JonAt the end of Matthew's Gospel, the disciples are told to 'Go into all the world and preach the Gospel'. God is still calling his followers to share the good news around the world. This summer, various members of St George's have enlisted in this 'great commission' and have gone out in mission to various parts of the world including Romania and Mongolia. Several have served on youth camps and others have served the wider church at New Wine. As we move into this new term I want to encourage you individually to take up the missional challenge of being a disciple of Jesus and encourage us as a group to not become inward looking but rather to be misisonally engaged in 'sharing life and loving Leeds.' In the new term we all have the opportunity to get behind the Alpha Course; an 8 week course which seeks to share the basics of the Christian message in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Perhaps you could think of serving on the Alpha Team by helping to serve food, or by leading a table.

Get in touch with Lisa Woodlock if you can get involved or would like more information.

Another way of being involved in mission and evangelism in and around Leeds is to be involved in some of our street projects. One of these projects is Bridge Cafe which seeks to engage those passing the bridge near church in a non-threatening and winsome way. This last year, the small bridge cafe team have spoken to hundreds of people over tea and cake; they've prayed and shared the good news of Jesus with dozens.

Get in touch with Jon if you would like to get involved or would like more information.

In the last year St George's church has been working more with drug and alcohol addicts in Leeds by meeting them in the streets/parks and at lunch time sessions at the crypt. Many men and women have been connected with Christian residential rehabilitation centres across the country, with some men, having been addicts for 20 years and are well on the road to recovery and now testify of having a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray for men in Hexham, Derby and Nottingham. If you would like to know more information about these centres do visit betel.org.uk. There are opportunities to serve in this area; coming out onto streets to befriend and offer hope to those in addiction, or you may want to volunteer as a driver to help on an ad-hoc basis to accompany, with a St George's staff member, an addict to these Betel centres.

Get in touch with Jon if you would like to get involved or would like more information.

As we preach the gospel and are involved in mission and evangelism, either through the ministries at St Georges, through networks, or in the front line work of our own work, friends and families, let us encourage one another that this 'gospel' really is good news to a lost and broken world.