God is a God who keeps his promises

rachael Rachael Fox, Communications Assistant at St George's shares her story:

"Seeing God to continue working in my life and those around me has made me more faithful."

How do you know Jesus? I grew up in a Christian home but made a decision to follow Jesus at Spring Harvest, a Christian conference for families.  I heard about this love that God has for us all, and although I’d been to Sunday school since a young age, when I was 12 it was the first time that I really found that love for myself. I’ve been on a real journey of faith since then, with some real ups and downs, particularly through my teenage years, but I’ve learned so much more about who God is in that time because I’ve seen him working in different situations. Seeing God continue working in my life and those around me has made me more faithful as I know that God is a God who keeps his promises.  If you want to find out more about my story, get in touch and I’d love to tell you more about how great God is!

What do you do? I have just started my new role at St George’s as the Communications Assistant working 2 days a week.  I use my media skills to assist various ministries and communicate the Church vision both within St George’s and across Leeds. The rest of the time I teach Media Studies at a Further Education College which is great fun! It’s a privilege to work doing something I love and serving God at the same time. My husband Richard and I also lead a small group within the Transit Network.

What can St G's pray? Firstly, thank Him for blessing me with 2 jobs. But this term is going to take some getting used to as I'm going from working 4 days a week to 5 across 2 different jobs; pray that I settle in and find a routine easily.

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