New Network: Salt

"We're a group of young adults who want to share God's love through building community and being salt and light in our everyday lives."


Beth Lingard and Alice Simpson have just spent the last year as interns at St G's and are now living in Leeds finding jobs and becoming new Network leaders. Alice shares with us a bit about the vision of 'Salt'.

How did you become a Christian? I think I could say that I’ve always called myself a Christian, I grew up in church and always knew that God loved me and Jesus died for me. But I think it was coming to university that really forced me to make a decision about whether ‘being a Christian’ was actually going to impact the way I lived.

Why did you want to set up a new Network? Our vision for Salt is that it will be a place of real community where people are supported and challenged and that out of this will come a boldness to live distinctively (as salt and light) and to be deliberate in the way we spread the knowledge of Jesus amongst our friends.

What can St G’s pray for Salt? We’re really new! So we’d value your prayers as we get to know each other and go from being a chaotic group of people to a supportive community. I'm full of faith to see God bring us together as a group and grow us in faith and numbers as we step out and become invitational. 

Email Alice or Beth to find our more about Salt Network and how to join.