Alpha Launch

AlphaLaunchOCT13FBevent We had about 100 people there, the curry was amazing and there was a great atmosphere as people connected - Andy Kind was hilarious!


We had a brilliant team serving whose work ensured that the evening ran smoothly; some were serving drinks others washing up. It was a brilliant chance to love Leeds as a Church and welcome so many people into the Alpha course launch.

"I went with my small group to the Curry and Comedy night; we enjoyed eating together, had a great laugh and are going to do the alpha course together!"

Andy Kind shared his story about how he came to know Jesus and how becoming a Christian transformed his life.

"It was really inspirational to hear about how such a 'normal' guy from manchester would choose to follow Jesus."


Please pray that the guests who were there at the launch come along to the course and that they might invite along other friends to explore who Jesus is; pray that they discover who Jesus is and that God meets with them.

To find out more about the Alpha Course at St G's visit our website or email Lisa.