Academy of Life: "You will be changed"

"God stepped into my life and began putting the broken pieces of my heart and life back together."

sot1School of Theology is back. Saturday mornings once a month in the Church Centre will be the opportunity to explore theology in 3 tracks; Discipleship, Bible or Life Track. Wendy Thompson took part in the Discipleship track, Academy of Life, last year and she shares her story with us.

Tell us about yourself... I am a native New Zealander and have lived in Leeds for 28 years. I have been a Christian for 12 years and a member of St George's Church for the last 5. I am a garden designer and horticulturist, owning and running a small business.

How do you know Jesus? I was privileged to be born and raised in a loving, supportive Christian family. In my teenage years I gave my life to Jesus. However, I made the decision with my head, without a heart connection which resulted in me straying from God's ways for too many years. When I was at rock bottom with a broken marriage, 3 young children and not working, God stepped into my life and began putting the broken pieces of my heart and life back together, according to His instructions, not mine! I rededicated my life to Jesus, but this time it was most definitely with my heart. God had opened the eyes of my understanding, gave me an anchor and set me on firm ground. God amazed me then and continues to amaze me as I walk with Him. He is always good and always faithful.

What did you learn from Academy of Life? Where to begin! This a wonderful, intense, rewarding, discipleship course. I found each session hugely exciting as I, and all who attended, discovered hidden depths, experienced new revelations and gathered life's gems to carry and use every day. I was challenged in many areas, theologically, spiritually, intellectually and practically. I really want to encourage anyone who is keen to go deeper into God, eager to increase your understanding and live more vitally, to just do it! Go for it! You WILL be amazed. You WILL be changed!

How has it impacted your life? Well, the practical challenges remain but there is so much to keep on discovering and the resources provided contain a wealth of wisdom for life, to enable each one of us to do life better in all areas. Wow! I keep dipping into the booklets and am always amazed at what God shows me. I feel equipped to live life so much better!

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