Home for Good: Yvonne's Story

homeforgoodHome for Good  is a national campaign to raise the profile of fostering and adoption in UK churches, organised by Care for the Family and the Evangelical Alliance.If you are interested in finding out more, there is an event by Home for Good on 18th November. Yvonne shares her story with us:

"I think adoption/fostering is a practical way of breaking some of the cycles that lead to homelessness and addiction. St G's are already active in outreach to the community, crypt and spacious places, but broken homes and going through the care system as a child/teenager can be factors in problems like homelessness and addiction."

"In terms of supporting adoption and fostering, within the church and society, I think it's important to emphasise the ways in which people can practically support families with adopted and fostered children. The Home for Good book is particularly helpful with this."

"My childhood faith has been tested through difficult times as an adult. Our journey to adopt our son has very much been a lesson of faith and patience. I would hasten to add that our experience of the adoption process itself has been positive - it is our personal journey that God has used to transform our lives and unite us with our wonderful little boy."

Find out more about Home for Good here. Read stories of others who adopt and foster: Louise and Ruth.