Oct/13: Mission Partners

Hugh and Heather Nelson

Hugh and Heather lead a small rural church in Nirayama, Japan, where they have served for 19 years. Last year they wrote, "The church is currently independent but we would like to be part of a larger group or network within Japan, for fellowship, mutual encouragement and accountability, and to help ensure the future of the church."

So we give thanks for Quan Nguyen and his wife Ree who are the South Asia Field Leaders with World Horizons.  Quan is responsible for overall vision, Ree for field member care. Ree prays with Heather weekly and Quan prays with Hugh about once a month. Quan and Ree live in Indonesia, but Ree has recently returned from visiting the Nelsons. Quan has invited Hugh to Singapore in early next year to be part of their core regional leaders team to seek a vision for the region corporately,  to pray for and support each other and to strengthen relationships so that no one would feel isolated.

Please continue to pray for this dear family and for their church. Please pray also for the process of becoming part of a larger network, that, as they seek a vision for their region, God will inspire them through his Spirit, encourage them with wider fellowship, and equip them for the work ahead.


Tearfund Uganda

St George's church has linked up with a church in Lale, Uganda. This is part of an initiative by Tearfund to help Christians in poor villages to recognise the strengths and resources they have and use them for the benefit of their communities.

It involves training pastors and other Christian leaders to expand their ministries from exclusively saving souls to embracing the concept of lifting themselves out of poverty by their own efforts. Other villages have already proved the worth of the scheme. They have improved literacy, supported the most needy, learnt better farming ways, promoted a deeper understanding of the Scriptures to see how they can help each other and their fellow villagers.

Pastor Daniel from the Lale Pentecostal Church wrote to us: "We send our greetings to our brothers and sisters in Christ at St George's Church. We are pleased to be starting this new relationship with you and praise God that you are joining us in prayer. We would love also to pray for you so please send any prayer requests so we can ask God to bless you."

Please pray for the Christians and villagers of Lale; for more information see Alan and Lindy Spicer. Click here for more information on our partnership and prayer points for Lale.

For more information about any of our mission partners visit our website.