Jonathan's Most Memorable Moments

JonathanMost memorable moments The opening of the Church Centre in Sept 2006 was a strategic moment that has opened up so many opportunities. I remember the day the Spire was lowered onto the tower of the church, Jan 21st 2007, to complete the church centre project, all paid for by the developers. That was a great day, with clear sky and sunshine, and a great blessing to St G’s and the Parish.

Joanna and Che’s wedding was a huge highlight, although recent, it was a huge team effort and opportunity to use all the gifts of the Church; Joanna’s done so much for us all, and it was lovely to see her having her day. It was a great joy and I think the whole Church loved that; rejoicing with those who rejoice. I think this will be memorable for a long time.

Sometimes we find it hard to rejoice and show our emotions, but it’s important to celebrate together.  We’ve seen this in events like Contemporary Carols; lots of hard work goes into it and we should celebrate and enjoy ourselves!  The corporate enjoyment of other people’s gifts is good for us and exciting; hopefully it inspires others to use their gifts too.

We’re good at weeping with those who weep too; the Church has given support to many over the years.  There’s a lot of unseen pastoral care that goes on led by people who do a tremendous amount and this makes us a strong Church.

We’ve had some very memorable funerals, saying thank you for some great members of the St G’s family, people who have served Christ with their whole lives and made a huge impact; their funerals were great testimonies to the power of the Gospel. The Gospel in us has greater impact than we realise.

Baptisms are also very powerful because of the testimonies; in the last 10 years almost half of the baptisms are Iranians.  We now have a full time pastor for the Iranian community; this is after 10 years of prayer. It’s also a great reminder that to see fruit, you have to stay with it.

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