MarkRecently, when praying with team members from Spacious Places drug rehab project, I was struck again by the importance of perseverance. 'Sticking at it through thick and thin' was how Graham Fell described it. Jesus often spoke about the value of perseverance, and the Bible is full of good examples of ‘stickability’. As we approach the season of Advent, we join those in biblical history who waited for God's Messiah. We are reminded of the patient and persevering task of the church. We've heard some great stories in recent weeks of God at work in our church: people coming to Christ, answered prayers for healing, growth in discipleship, and more. But all of this rests on perseverance. In Advent God calls us never to give up never to give up offering hospitality, never to give up inviting others to know him, never to give up praying and waiting to see signs of his kingdom here in Leeds.

May we have a blessed Advent and, as God empowers us, stick to our calling through thick and thin.