Happy Christmas

JoannaAs I write this the Christmas tree is being put up in church and the band are practicing for Contemporary carols. Every year we want to make the most of celebrating the birth of Jesus, the chance for us to reflect again on the wonder of God’s gift to us, and a chance to invite many to come and hear the Good News. Jesus came to make it possible for us to have a relationship with God. Through this we seek to grow in our ability to form good relationships with those around us too. Every one of us faces the challenge of forming, maintaining and deepening relationships as well as coping with the challenges and difficulties that these often bring.

On two Saturday mornings in the New Year, alongside the Academy of Life and Faith Track, we are going to be spending time looking at how we grow in our relationships; whether these are with work colleagues, a spouse, family, or within a small group. How do we get better at listening, at forgiving, at encouraging and challenging?

Christmas can be the toughest time for some as relationships are put under strain or we mourn those we are no longer with us.

Our prayer is that many will discover the comfort and challenge that knowing Jesus brings, the purpose and meaning he brings to life, and the courage to share more of that life with others.

Happy Christmas.