"He has brought us together to make things happen!"


Small Group Leaders, Ian (middle) and Caroline (right)

Sarah Johnson (left), Network Leader, shares the journey of the Network since starting in September.

Tell us about God in the City... As a city centre church, the vision I had for God in the City, whose small groups meet in the city centre, was to reach out to the area around us and to develop relationships so that we feel like a family.

We started with one small group, then got a request from another to join us! The two small groups are very different  but it’s good to have a focus beyond our own to help us break out of our comfort zone and welcome new people in.

Since September we have had our Network Launch, where we worshipped God together, I shared the Network vision, and people shared ideas of how we could achieve it. We’ve also had a film night, fireworks trip, an outreach event and are now looking forward to our Christmas Party!

How do you share life and love Leeds? We share life by developing relationships with God and each other. In our small groups we develop our knowledge of the bible and support one another through prayer. We spend time on Network Sundays listening to God to find out how He would like to use us in the City.

We Love Leeds in practical ways such as inviting friends to events to experience a loving Christian community and find out more about God. Recently we went out and gave mince pies and invitations to the Christmas services to people we met outside of Leeds City Museum. We have lots more planned; supporting bridge café, helping with food banks and supporting charities through prayer and fundraising.

"God has placed really gifted people in our Network and he has brought us together to make things happen!"

How has God worked through people in the Network this term? God has placed really gifted people in our Network and he has brought us together to make things happen!

On Network Sunday one member led worship for the first time with two singers, one with little experience of leading worship. Also, some people who are gifted with abilities to lead Bible studies have agreed to help lead sessions in a different small group from their own to bless the other group. I am looking forward to seeing more people use their gifts in our Network and find their place to serve within Church and develop community.

Where has God answered prayers? In the very creation of the network! When our previous network disbanded, God stepped in, gave a vision and sent the right people to get behind it.

What do you hope for the new year for God in the City? I hope that in 2014 we have a growth of new members, so many that we need another small group! For us to be such a welcoming community that people can't help but want to join and be a part of what we are doing. For all of our existing members to catch the vision of what's going on and to find their place within the network. Please pray for us!

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