Meet the Interns: Ben

ben lees Ben Lees: Worship and Youth Intern

Tell us a bit about yourself… I’m 22 years old and I was born and raised in Nottingham. I’ve spent the past year living in London and working for a church called Holy Trinity Church, Clapham whilst also training with Worship Central to be a worship pastor.

How do you know Jesus? I grew up going to church every week with my family and gained foundations for my faith there, but as a 12 year old in a church with no other children my own age, I found it quite boring. I stopped attending church for two years until a friend invited me along to his church’s Friday night youth group and I loved it. After 2 years of going to this youth group, we were in Blackpool running the youth work for the Easter People conference, a guest speaker had come in to minister to us. After he had spoken, he put some music on and told us to just read the words on the screen and not to sing. During this time God revealed himself to me in ways I couldn’t explain and I just knew that this was the truth. Ever since then I’ve been walking with Jesus, trying to keep him centered in everything I do and allowing myself to be lead wherever the spirit leads.

What is your role at StG’s? My role at St George’s is the Worship and Youth intern. This involves leading worship at various services, doing admin work for the worship team, running a cell group in the Roots youth group on Sunday mornings and also overseeing the Roots youth worship band.

Where have you seen God working? Since starting here in September, it’s been great getting to know the youth worship band members, trying to grow them and bringing out their different gifts and skills. God’s really been working through them and its been a privilege to be a part of. I think it makes a big difference to the other members of the youth group as well, having their friends and people they know leading the worship. It seems to enable them to engage more with God during those times as they feel more comfortable and grows a worship culture within them.

"It’s hard work sometimes when you can’t see the next few steps in front of you, but I just hold on to the fact that he goes before me and prepares the way."

God’s been doing some amazing things in my life recently. I’ve just been learning all about stepping out with him and learning to trust in him. It’s hard work sometimes when you can’t see the next few steps in front of you, but I just hold on to the fact that he goes before me and prepares the way. I love seeing the least likely person to be doing a certain task flourishing in that and overcoming the challenge. I’ve been seeing a lot of it recently in some close friends and it’s been amazing to see God at work in their lives. They’re doing things that they never thought they could do, like leading bible studies and preaching.

What are your hopes for this year? During my time as an intern, I’d love to be able to grow my pastoral skills, to listen and know when to be quiet and when to speak. I also want to grow in confidence in the calling that God has placed on my life. I’d like to come out of the internship strong, walking tall with God in the authority that he has given me, constantly looking to him and trusting fully wherever He takes me.

How can StG’s pray for you? It would be great if you could pray for the Roots youth worship band and my involvement in that. I’d love for God to reveal to me some talents and abilities in members of the youth group that I can find and start to grow and encourage them in.

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