Feb/14: Mission Partners

Hugh & Heather Nelson and sons Tomo & Jun: Japan

Hugh and Heather lead a rural church. The significance of their ministry is highlighted when we realise that there are still more than 14million Japanese people living in rural towns with no Christian witness.

As members of the Rural Japan Church Planting Network (RJPCN), they are asking God how they can reach out to surrounding areas where there are no Christians, and how churches can be established there.

Please join them in praying for encouragement for other rural workers, for God to call more workers to rural Japan, and for non-rural churches to also catch the vision and see what they can do to help reach these areas. Find out more about RJPCN:  http://rjcpn.upgjapanmissions.com

Please pray for Tomo who started high school in Tokyo last Autumn. The school is a 3-4 hour journey from Nirayama and is very different from his previous school. We give thanks that Tomo has settled well and pray that he will make good friendships and continue to grow in his faith. Please pray too for Jun who has had to adjust to Tomo being away through the school week.

We give thanks with Heather and Hugh for Mr & Mrs Y, a couple in their 80s and members of the Nelsons church, who live with their adult son who is disabled. Their Christian witness through difficult times is a great encouragement to others in the church. Please pray that they will be salt and light in their community and that neighbours will be drawn to Jesus through their example.

Jason & Rachel

We are delighted to welcome Jason and Rachel as partners in mission with their two children. Jason's ministry exploits mobile phone technology in order to make the Bible and other Christian resources available to people in a part of the world where there is strong opposition to the Gospel.

By November 2013 there were 12,000 Bible app downloads, 9000 of which were by people in the target 'closed' countries.

Currently in the UK, Jason has been implementing an SMS follow-up system sending daily scriptures to groups of seekers and believers and messages to individuals wanting discipleship.  Later this year the family plan to relocate overseas where they will be working with a team of Muslim background believers.

Please pray for this exciting project.  Pray that God will mightily bless those who download and study the Christian resources.  Pray that His kingdom will be increased through this work.  Pray too for the family as they sell their house and move abroad and that all their financial needs will be met.

If anyone would be interested in supporting Jason and Rachel financially or regularly in prayer, please talk to Janet or James Clark or email mission@stgeorgesleeds.org.uk

Find out more about Mission Partners at St George’s here.