Feb/14: Short Term Mission

We are currently supporting two people on short term mission...

Callum Kaye: Tanzania

Callum Kaye is in Tanzania with Tearfund/GoMAD for five months.  Callum is involved with lots of practical and educational projects and asks for prayer that the political situation in Zanzibar will not prevent them from serving there, and also prayer for safety for the team.  Please pray that the team will bond quickly and make a real impact on peoples lives and their faith.  More information on what Callum is doing can be found here: http://www.justgiving.com/Callum-Kaye

Joy: China

Joy is visiting Christians in China who have recently returned to their home country and to get an understanding of what it is like for them in the Chinese Church. This is an important piece of research partly to help churches such as St George's to know how to prepare and follow up Christians on their return.  Joy plans to build a social media network for new-generation Christians in China. Please pray for Joy; for safety, wisdom and insight so that she can accomplish what God has for her to do. Joy asks us to pray that the International student ministry will continue to prosper in St George's and that we will really be part of God's own global mission.