Network Sunday: North East Leeds

north leeds Stuart Roberts // Leader of North East Leeds Network Stuart shares some reflections on North East Leeds since Network Sunday and how we can pray.

What did North East Leeds get up to for Network Sunday? 15 of us met for lunch at Mayfield Farm where we started with a splendid lunch before meeting in the Barn for fellowship and prayer. Prior to the Network being established there were lots of individual Christians in North East Leeds who had passion but little knowledge of how to impact the wider community.

So the Network provides a spring board for mission and provides the opportunity to build teams of people to impact where individuals wouldn't be able to. We are involved in lots of different projects in the area run by external agencies, such as Christians Against Poverty, Gledhow Christian Care Home and local Food Banks.

"There are lots of churches involved which highlights God’s work in the area through the unity."

Can you tell us a story of God at work in and around your Network? I was encouraged at a meeting with Gledhow Christian care home with the new chaplain. There were 6 different churches of different denominations represented, including 4 people from North East Leeds Network. We discussed how best to serve the residents of the care home. I saw this as God at work because we are encouraging those who have a faith, and although not necessarily seeing people come to faith we are delivering pastoral support.

After lots of prayer, the east Leeds Food Bank now has a sufficient number of volunteers so it’s now more realistic to make plans to open.  Again, there are lots of churches involved which highlights God's work in the area through the unity.

What can StG's pray for North East Leeds? Join us in giving thanks for the work that God has done in the projects we are involved in.  Pray with us also for our Network, that God would guide us; show us where to lay down projects or where to take up new initiatives.

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