Network Sunday: StG's Students

Jenni Ridley // Member of Student NetworksJenni shares reflections on being in a Network and what we can be praying for the student of Leeds this month.

What did Students get up to for Network Sunday? We spent time in our small groups; some went to Roundhay Park, others to York and some of us had a few hours in the pub watching the rugby. In the evening we ate together and had a session interrogating Jonathan Clark on anything and everything, rounding the night off with sung worship. It was a great day of getting to know our small groups better and spending quality time with some of our church family, as well as an opportunity to discuss some tough questions.

How is your Network equipping you for your walk with Jesus? The Student Networks equip us, as a community, to know God better, love Him more, and out of this, serve the student communities at our universities. The fellowship within the small groups is also a vital support base for us, whether we're first years trying to adjust to university life, or final years trying to work out what to do when we graduate.

At the moment, the students are working through the Academy of Life. For all those who have completed the course, you'll know what an incredible resource it is, giving people a chance to think through all aspects of the Christian life, helping them discover their strengths and work on their weaknesses.

"Please join us in praying that we will be bold in mission... With a deeper love for God and greater passion to see His kingdom come in Leeds."

Can you tell us a story of God changing lives in your Network? God has given so many students at StG's the inspiration and courage to step out for Him in big ways. This year, some students started a Christian Union at Leeds College of Art, and have been running The Alpha course for the last few weeks. We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for the students there in the future!

What can we, as a Church, be praying for your Network? Both Leeds Uni and Leeds Met CU's will host a week of events, this month, including talks on their campuses, giving students a chance to hear the Gospel. Many of the students at StG’s are involved, so please join us in praying that we will be bold in mission, and that our friends and fellow students that attend the events will be inspired to get to know God.

Also, please pray for the CU's at Leeds College of Music and Leeds College of Art, as they aim to make God known in those places. It is such an incredible blessing to have so many Christian Unions in one city, and we pray that God will use all of them powerfully to bring the Good News to students across the city.

The Student Weekend Away is also fast approaching. Please pray that we come back refreshed, with a deeper love for God and greater passion to see His kingdom come in Leeds.

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