Reaching out in the City

JonathanWhatever happened to 'the gospel according to'? There is a rumour going around that I was insisting it is time to do 'the gospel according to U2' and that the band went on strike. In fact, this year we decided to create some space in our programme, as we were finding life too busy with all the special Christmas events and then the Our Vision series. Also, we are experimenting by running our 2nd Alpha course of the year in the summer, and want to do a good launch at the end of April.

Our PCC have been thinking about our strategy for mission, and one of the suggestions we are working on is to have 3 invitational gospel events a year, but to space them out more evenly. What do you think?

Please pray for the PCC, and our senior staff team as we seek God's wisdom for how we use the musical gifts that he has given us, and shape our life together, to reach out to our friends and colleagues in the city.