Explorers Pray for Our City

JenniferJennifer Roberts, Children & Families Pastor, shares how our children are reaching out to love Leeds and think about how, through prayer, they can impact our city.  Explorers is our Network for children. What have Explorers been doing recently? Recently in Explorers we’ve been looking at what it means to pray.  Last Sunday we spent the morning in prayer stations set up to help us pray various different ways. Some were craft based; making play dough models of people and things we could pray for; origami to help us pray for different parts of the world. Others allowed the children to pray with each other or with leaders at the foot of the cross.  We also prayed for healing by writing names on plasters and sticking to a poster with the figure of a person.  Children also prayed by playing with Lego, building houses and schools to pray for their own homes, their schools or people who are homeless. Finally, we set up a station in a quiet room to encourage the children to listen to God and write down what he was saying to them.

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"The children were really engaged in each of these activities and there was a great community feel to the morning."

How Explorers are reaching out? Through the prayer stations we were encouraging our children to pray for others, getting them to think about their friends at school and who they could share their faith with.  We also put on events throughout the year like holiday clubs and parties, but also special Sunday morning events to make Explorers accessible for children to invite their friends!

How can StG’s pray for Explorers? We need to remember to pray for our children.  Pray that as they embark on a journey of faith that they will know Jesus for themselves. Pray that they can be bold at a school to share their faith and be strong throughout the challenges of life.

Pray for our families.  Pray that we will learn more about what it means to disciple and do mission in families and also how we can support families to do Christian life together, well. Pray especially for those children at Explorers who come from families without Christian parents.

Please also pray for more leaders, who can help us continue this ministry and support more children along their journey of faith.

"I hope that our children pray more. Maybe they’re at home playing with Lego and remember to pray with it!"