March/14: Mission Partners


Please continue to pray for safety for Sarah and her husband.  Pray that Sarah will enjoy and be fulfilled in her teaching role.  Pray for her husband in his work, also. Pray for them both that they will be salt and light wherever they encounter darkness, that they will be a blessing to their neighbours as well as those they meet and influence through their respective jobs.

Chip & Diane Cowles: Agapé, Newcastle

We give thanks that they have seen increased numbers at their ‘vintage club’. Chip writes: “We are becoming gatekeepers in the community and sharing with people about Jesus along the way.  We are convinced that before Jesus can be seen as Good News that we must be good at serving the needs of those around us.”

“A few weeks ago I met a grandad of twins who was at ‘Family Fun’; his grandkids were born premature at 28 weeks, daughter a single mom. He said he played professional football but had made some poor decisions in life. He was on the liver transplant list and had been told he had three years to live without a new liver. We talked for an hour. He had childhood memories of the local minister drinking a bottle of whiskey at his house after lunch on a Sunday then falling asleep on the sofa while also forbidding him to play football. He decided the church was full of hypocrites. I listened and reflected how sorry I was for his painful experience of church. Diane later wrote a card. I heard from a third party how significant our conversation had been and that he appreciated that I offered to pray for him and talked about God's great love for him.”

Please continue to pray for Chip and Diane that God will make them a blessing to those around them and use this experience to prepare them for future work. Please pray, as this project finishes in July, for wisdom in deciding their future roles.

Please continue to pray for their daughters, Daniella and Gabriella, especially for their health. Daniella has bronchiectasis and has been unwell since Christmas. Pray for her as she awaits an endoscopy as part of further investigation. Gabriella has had back pain which has prevented her from swimming. Please pray that the MRI scan will lead to effective treatment.

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