"We live in the reality of the resurrection"

JoannaThis month sees the start of Lent, a time when we prepare ourselves to celebrate the feast of Easter. It’s a time of seeking forgiveness, and through self discipline, prayer and bible study, drawing closer to God. It’s also often a time when people choose to give up something to make more space for God. But some would argue that as post-resurrection people we live in the joy each day so we shouldn't go around in sack cloth and ashes but rather celebrate the gift of new life in Christ. We do live in the reality of the resurrection but there is a time for godly sorrow which is not about self pity, but rather how we long for it to be both in our lives and in the world around  us. We grieve together over loss, over sin and the brokenness of our world. But there is time too for godly joy; in midst of pain and brokenness we can know the resurrection power and presence of the living Lord Jesus.

As we allow ourselves to enter into the journey of Lent so may we reach Easter with a greater awareness of our need for Jesus; may the truth of his defeat of sin and death give us even greater joy.

Over Lent we are encouraging people to take one of the ‘Together in Mission’ Leeds Lent Prayer Diaries highlighting numerous projects taking place around our city. This will help us to pray in a more informed way for our city that we are called to love and share the resurrection life of Christ with.

Have a joy-filled lent.