April/14: Mission Partners

Charles and Jocelyne Montagu

Charles and Jocelyne have been serving at Arab World Media’s office in Worthing since Sep 2006. Charles is part of the team working with the Arabic evangelistic and teaching website which gives Muslims the opportunity to learn about Jesus and to contact AWM staff by email or Skype.  Jocelyne works part time as the Office Manager.  Here’s how we can pray for them:

One of Charles' tasks is to answer comments posted on the Youtube Channel ‘Maarifa Injil’. You can see an especially powerful and courageous testimony by a Saudi woman on this channel here. Please pray for the impact of this testimony and others, and for Charles as he answers comments posted in response to these videos.

We have been praying for Khalil and Sarah, that they would obtain visas to enable them to join Charles and his team in the UK.  Charles tells us that they have now decided that they should remain in Beirut.  This has clearly not been an easy decision. Please pray for them and for Charles and his team as they seek God's guidance in the face of changed plans.

Charles has been planning to travel to North Africa in order to meet up with believers there; he asks us to pray that that he will be able to go, to be blessed and be a blessing.

Finally pray for the family. For Jocelyne who has recently been visiting Mauritius with her family;  for Edward who is due to complete his degree at the University of Sussex this summer and is considering his future; Emily who is studying at St Andrew's University; and Robert who is preparing for GCSEs.

Jonathan and Laura Beatham

Jonathan and Laura with their son, Christopher, are members of St George’s and part of the leadership team of the Farsi-speaking Network.

Since 2013 they have embarked on a project to minister to Farsi speakers world-wide. In partnership with Elam Ministries they are creating a new worship song catalogue in the Farsi language. Their work involves collecting Farsi worship songs that are currently effective and used world-wide, writing down music where it has previously not been available and also producing a recording of each song. The vision is for Farsi-speakers world-wide to have access to an up-to-date resource that enriches their times of worship and reinforces Biblical teaching.

Please pray for Jonathan and Laura as they set about this task. Pray that they will be able to put aside time to work on this project amid local day-to-day demands. Pray that God will inspire the choice of songs to be included and that he will help them in combining their language skills, musical gifts and knowledge of Scripture to produce materials that will be a blessing to Farsi-speakers for many years to come.

Please also pray for them as a family, especially as they look forward to the arrival of their second son this month. Pray for Christopher that he will be thrilled to have a brother and for Laura and Jonathan as they learn to adapt to the joys and demands of a new baby.

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