"The Great Commission is not an option"

JonThe church, and every disciple, has the task and privilege of proclaiming afresh the Good News of Jesus to the generation of which it is part. As Hudson Taylor, the pioneering missionary to China said in reference to Matthew 28:16-20, "The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.” As we look back over the last months we have seen people to come to faith and be baptised. Each one was told the Good News of Jesus by someone else, some directly from a friend and others through an invitation to a church event.

As we move into the summer term, let us continue to look for ways to share the Gospel and make disciples; whether this is through church events, Networks, the work place or family and friendship groups. Thankfully, although this task can be daunting, we have been promised by Jesus that he will be with us and that the Holy Spirit will give us the words to say. Let’s also remember those from our congregation who will be seeking to share the Gospel through Summer mission trips which include trips to Romania, Africa and beyond.

In the Lighthouse Network we have literally seen people give up heroin for Jesus! Please continue to pray for these new disciples and for others to turnaway from addiction, crime and homelessness, and toward Jesus. Find out more about Lighthouse and receive updates by filling out a Contact Card.

The Alpha course is running after Easter and this is a great opportunity for us to play our part and join the team, invite friends or pray. Over 8 weeks Alpha guests will be able to explore the Christian faith and ask their questions in a context of welcome and hospitality. Fill out a Contact Card if you want to join the team or find out more.

Let’s pray that the Lord will continue to send out labourers into the fields which are ripe for harvest.