Meet the interns: Cecilia

Cecilia sunTell us about yourself... I grew up in China and came to the UK for postgraduate study in 2012. I graduated from Leeds University in 2013. I am currently enjoying life in the UK, playing tennis, reading and painting on my days off. How do you know Jesus? I started to pray without knowing God’s existence when I was 13. I did not go to church or meet any Christians before I came to the UK. I felt strongly touched the first time I visited St George’s; I felt God’s presence and the power of prayer which helped me to make the decision to follow Jesus.

What is your role at St G’s? I am the International Students’ intern. There are a variety of activities going on in our Network with the help of lovely and devoted leaders. We put on big celebrations to introduce the gospel to faith seekers; study the bible on Fridays and Sundays; watch Christianity based movies on Wednesdays; go on retreat trips and much more. It’s such a privilege to see more internationals come to church, build a relationship with God and become one of our brothers and sisters.

"The International Network is not only a place for us to explore faith together, but also a place to support each other in life as family in this foreign land."


Where have you seen God at work? Throughout the internship, God has humbled me and challenged me in loads of different ways. Moreover, it is very encouraging for me to realise that He never lets me walk on my own. Two of the students in our Network were baptised in December; this is strong evidence to prove God is real and at work!

What can St G’s pray? It is amazing to see international students come to church and engage in lots of activities. Please pray that God will bless our ministry and give us wisdom in how to serve him better. Pray also that we will see more fruit in this ministry, by his grace.

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