June/14: Mission Partners

Hugh, Heather, Tomo & Jun Nelson: Japan

The Nelson family are visiting Leeds in August for the opportunity to tell us about their life and work in Japan. Please pray for provision of a car during their stay.

There is a lot to give thanks for:  their elder son, Tomo and another Japanese girl, Ayumi, were recently baptised. "Praise God for His ongoing work in Tomo and Ayumi’s lives! Please pray for many more young people to be baptised here!” Tomo especially asks us to pray for his involvement in an outreach event called 'Gospel Team' that is running from 11th to 28th June. He is looking for 20 volunteers to commit to praying for the duration of the event.

Hugh and Heather also give thanks for the 101 children who regularly receive 10 minutes of Bible teaching as part of the 'Happy Clubs'. We give thanks that some have asked to use the 'real Bible' rather than the children's Bible and we join Hugh and Heather in praying for a "breakthrough into the hearts of the Happy Club kids."

We are asked to pray for Jun who started at the local Japanese junior high school last April. Japanese school life and the demanding workload present many challenges especially for a Christian.

For more visit stgeorgesleeds.org.uk/nelsons


Tearfund: Uganda

St George's is twinned with the Pentecostal Assemblies of God (PAG) church in Lale, Uganda. We support a Tearfund project which helps the church to engage with communities in implementing a holistic ministry. The church in Lale ask us to pray for:

  • The church and community to join up and continue working together as they hope to bring transformation to their community.
  • The church construction project to be completed and for them to be able to educate their children.
  • Individuals in the church and the community; that they will be successful in identifying and utilising local available resources to lift them out of poverty.

We join them in giving thanks: "Praise God that we are beginning to understand more fully our need to serve our communities and share God’s love through actions as well as with words."

For more visit stgeorgesleeds.org.uk/mukabis