Salt Network Sunday

Network Leader, Beth Lingard shares the latest stories from Salt.

What did Salt get up to for Network Sunday? We decided to go for a nice relaxing walk on the Meanwood Valley trail in the sunshine, before sharing a meal together at our house.

How is your Network equipping you for your walk with Jesus? Salt's vision is to be missional in our day to day lives and glorify God in the usual. Our small groups are a really key part of this, and over the last 9 months or so we have really been becoming a community who support and challenge. It's really encouraging to get together, look at the Bible and pray for each other. My small group are also trying to spend 5 minutes listening to God every day.

Can you tell us a story of God changing lives in and around Salt? I think God is stirring up passion about living for his glory, and working out what this means in a practical way. It is really exciting to see people in the Network getting exited to share life and love Leeds in new ways.

What can StG’s pray for Salt? We would love to have more experience of evangelism with our friends and for more people to meet with Jesus through our Network.

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