South Leeds Network Sunday

Network Leader, Fiona Jarrett shares the latest stories from South Leeds.

What did South Leeds get up to for Network Sunday? We gather as a Network every third Wednesday in a month as well as the specified Network Sunday weekends; this time we have planned something a bit different but still on the Loving Leeds theme! We’ve decided to help the Nunn family pack up, clean up and move out of their house into their temporary home as they continue with their preparations for moving to Ethiopia. We are praying for them, having fun together, entertaining the kids and maybe helping out with meals as well as the usual teas, coffees and cakes; we have some excellent bakers in our Network!

How is your Network equipping you for your walk with Jesus? Jonathan Clark came to one of our Network gatherings which was great as we were able to ask questions about church, the sermons and a range of issues we wanted to explore further. It is always good to get a wider perspective on what God is doing so catching up with members of the group is important; we also equip each other by praying for one another.

"It is fantastic to see how God has been at work, and is still working..."

Can you tell us a story of God changing lives in and around South Leeds? Some people in our Network are supporting a local church, by working with members of the church to lead a new service. As a Network we prayed and we found that the skills of our members were just right for working alongside this initiative. It is fantastic to see how God has been at work, and is still working, as more people are hearing about and experiencing Jesus through this service.

What can StG’s pray for South Leeds? Pray that we will continue to get the right balance between supporting each other and looking outward to supporting people in Leeds and beyond.That new people wishing to join will connect easily and feel really welcomed. Please also pray for me as leader, that I will discern God's plans for us and put them into practice.

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