Prayer Works!

JonathanPrayer Works! Our first new Prayer Gathering last Wednesday was a real success. We had 150 people filling the downstairs of church, Networks and Small Groups were there, we had old and young, we had a great number of non-English people and the Holy Spirit was present. Lottie Jones organised the groups and together we found a way of praying that was really participatory and interactive. Many people filled in sheets reporting back what the Spirit is saying to the church. Mojtaba from the Farsi group reported that one of the Iranians felt so overwhelmed by the Spirit he couldn’t stand! It was so encouraging and we all felt that God is really with us.

At the ACM this year I said that I sensed that God was saying that our main objective for 2014/15 should be to pray together more. I feel that we took a big step forward together last Wednesday - thanks be to God!

Coming up next weekend Fri 11 July/Sat 12 July is the next 24hrs of Prayer organised by Pray for Leeds. On the Friday night it will be a bit like our Church Prayer Gathering but with Christians from many different churches, especially some of the African churches who meet to pray together to pray every 2nd Friday of the month. Please look at the information in the foyer for details of how you can join in. If anyone can volunteer practical help , contact or visit

The beauty of 24/7 style prayer is that it works if you want to pray all night or if you just want to come along for an hour. There are spaces for quiet, contemplative prayer and also activities for families involving children.

“Lord, teach us to pray, as you taught your disciples” Amen.