Sharing Life at Alpha

Alpha-Mark-Red2_Lrg-1Tim Fenner led a table at our Alpha course this summer. He shares his experience with us: How do you know Jesus? I have been a Christian since the early seventies, as a result of family pressure to have our new baby christened.

Why did you want to lead a table at Alpha? Alpha has always appealed to me but now I had Wednesday afternoons off, I could finally be there!

What was the highlight of the course? There was a sense of God’s love that the guests on our table felt  from the start of the course. Relationships were built quickly on our table and everyone looked forward to meeting up again each week.

What does table leading actually involve? I am not a natural leader but I guessed if I just listened to people that that would do the trick. As a table leader I didn’t have all the answers but others on the table ‘led’ by dint of their natural ability, which was not a problem at all. For example, one lady who joined the table later on in the course, had a great capacity to recall bible verses as a response to discussion; I believed this had significant value. On my table the guests listened to the presentations and were quite happy to talk through what they had heard; they tentatively offered their opinions rather than ask ‘heavy weight’ questions. The guests seemed relaxed and open minded; there is a social side to Alpha that tables can enjoy too as conversation over the meal allows guests to get to know one another.

If you can lead a table get in touch with us! Please pray for guests who may find it difficult to come on a course where they initially don’t know others. Pray therefore for relationship building and community to grow.

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