Summer at St G's

Let’s pray for all those serving away from St G’s this summer including: New Wine 3-9 Aug... that they would be encouraged by this United event.

Ripon Venture 26 Jul-13 Aug... Hannah Sansome, Chris Balding, Fraser Raitt, Mel Scott, Kate & Sam Péchèr, Rachel Sandbach. Pray smooth running, and for a fun, God filled week.

Helter Skelter Camp, Brackley 10-17 Aug... Robert Wright will be a junior leader at this Scripture Union. Please pray that all the necessary equipment is sourced and delivered on time.

Foremarke CYFA Camp, Derby 10-17 Aug... Matt Malone will be leading. Please pray that the 40 14-18 yr olds would grow in  their relationships with Jesus.

South Africa 10-27 Aug... Graeme Collins and Hazel Radcliffe are taking part in a mission near Durban. The team, including young people from Horsforth School, will help an orphaned children's charity called Sethani, run a holiday club, building and home visiting. Please pray for safety and awareness of God's leading as they step out in faith.

‘Step Out’, Cumbria 17-23 Aug... Chris Williams is leading on this Scripture Union Camp. Please pray for the team under new leadership, and for encounters with the Heavenly Father.

Cambodia Mission 17-31 Aug... Claire Oldfield is going to serve along with members of Riverside Church. Please pray for good travel and for the projects they will be visiting.

Tregginis 23-28 Aug... Julie Collins, Louise Mann and the Swales family are helping to lead this Falcon Camp for 8-11s. Pray for protection on journeys and for good loving relationships.

Please also pray for St George’s, that volunteers will step up to lead Summer Sunday session with our children.

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