Meet the Interns: Jake

Jake Mok

I'm Jake. I come from a city in South China, which is next to Hong Kong. I did an exchange programme for my undergraduate studies in Bristol two years ago and came to Leeds for my postgraduate course. I am excited to be graduating this December.

How do you know Jesus?  Because my parents wanted to divorce when I was a child, I had been living with my uncle’s family for 7 years and the family are Christian, from HK. But I did not go to church and read the Bible until I was brought to a church in Bristol by my friend. I could see how God’s love and blessings transformed me and brought my parents and me closer. People in Leeds very encouraged me to grow my faith and follow Jesus.

What is your role now/what work do you do in which ministry? I am working for International Students Network in St George’s Church. The network has focused on providing the opportunities for international faith seekers to know more about the Bible, Jesus Christ and Christianity. Also, the network encouraged Christian international students to grow their faith here. We organise a bible study introduction course weekly. We have various gatherings to share life, retreats and festivals celebrations.

Where have you seen God working in your ministry? St G’s had a welcome morning service on 21st September. I could see God has brought lots of international students to the church. Also, God has softened their hearts during the service. I remember one Japanese student cried after worship session and thought she felt good to Christ. At the same time, God has let many families in the church be involved after the service. Some of them invited students for lunch even though then were not under the host list.

Where have you seen God working in you and those around you?  God has brought m confident to reach out lots of International students during the Fresher’s Week. Also, He put me into challenges, which helped me to really think about how I could continue to growing my faith and be bold. This year, the existing network leaders and two new leaders (Andy and Linda) have been encouraged by God to start network gathering organising and Bible studying.

What are your hopes for the internship? I expect to strengthen the relationship between God and me during the internship. The skills of leading bible study and explaining the gospel to new believers are the important fields which I would like to develop.

How can St George's pray for you? Through His grace and blessings, the network has witnessed that many students come to faith. Please pray that God will keep coming to the ministry and make the International students stand firm whether they are in Leeds or back at home. Also, please pray that I can always ask God where I and the network are going and trust in His answer.