Oct/14: Mission Partners

Jonathan and Laura Beatham: Leeds

Beathams familyPlease pray for Jonathan & Laura as they continue to help further God’s kingdom in the Farsi community in Leeds and beyond. They are thankful, after a rocky start that God has given them a new direction. They will be translating worship songs which are then posted onto an internet site which is widely used by the Farsi community around the world. Please pray for this coming year as they plan to continue with this work as well as record some hymns for use in worship as well as continue to support other churches in the Yorkshire area involved with Farsi ministries.

Hugh, Heather, Tomo and Jun Nelson: Japan

Nelsons family

The Nelson family had a great time in UK back in the August. They are grateful of time to see family & friends and to have a holiday! They have now returned to Japan; please pray for them getting back into life there. Please pray for both Tomo & Jun as they start back at school, and also for Hugh, who will be attending a leadership development course in Turkey for 10 days. Pray too for Heather as she looks after things at home, teaches Happy Clubs and preaches while Hugh is away.

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