“Would you like to come to Church with me?”

Jonathan“Would you like to come to Church with me?” Christmas is a great opportunity to invite people to church, and it maybe that people would be more open to your invitation than you imagine. This week I asked Chris Fields how he became a Christian, and a key part of his story was, “someone invited me to Church”. He was in his 30s and at that time thought of himself as pretty successful; God used that invitation and Chris came to Christ and now heads up the Crypt. My journey began when my Maths teacher invited me to a Christian Union meeting with David Watson when I was 18. We would love to hear about how you know Jesus, so please get in touch with us if you would like to share your story in St George’s LIFE.

Why not pray, “Lord, show me who I can invite to Church this term?” Not only do we have guest speakers including Mike Pilavachi and Nick Baines, but Contemporary Carols and other Christmas services coming up. Use our Christmas invitation cards and our Christmas website to invite your friends and family. Your simple invitation might start people on a brand new journey; the adventure of a life time!

Another way to play your part here at St George’s would be to volunteer on a team.  This term we have a story from Ewan Jones sharing about serving as a steward and you’ll also find information about how to volunteer on one of our teams this Christmas.  Welcome is so important to us here at St George’s so please sign up to help out so we can offer a warm welcome to all the new people we are going to invite!