Dec/14: Mission Partners

Charles and Jocelyne Montagu, and family Edward, Emily and Robert: Arab World Ministries, Worthing... 


Charles has been working really hard recently and it has been good to receive the following message from a man in Algeria:

“Greetings! I met the two brothers you asked to come and visit me! They gave me the New Testament and some books. How happy I was. One of them promised to bring me the Old Testament as well. I would still like to have more books from you..."

Charles didn’t correspond with this man personally but he helps coordinate the network of believers, many of them in the Arab world, who respond to these.

Jocelyne is also very busy as we have been redeveloping parts of our substantial building for rent; it will hopefully be a help to other Christian groups who need the space and a source of income to support our ministry. But also a lot of work to get it all ready, so please pray for this opportunity.

Edward, is working for a year as an intern at a church in Hastings. Emily is now in her last year at St Andrews, studying Geography and Spanish and Robert is still living at home, doing AS in Maths, Physics and Spanish. Please pray for the children as they study, take exams, and find out where God is calling them to go next.

Tearfund Project: Update from Lale, Uganda... 

We send our greetings to each of you at St George’s church in Leeds. We send our      encouragement to you to stand firm while doing God’s work. Thank you very much for your love and care for my family and the church in Lale. We have received your letters and know that your prayers have worked making us united, both as a church and with the community. We are glad because the Bible says that all things are possible through prayer.

As we informed you at the beginning of the year, as a result of PEP we have now started supporting the needy and the elderly in our community and we have shared William’s story with you to highlight that work:

"A few months back, I was called into the church by the pastor, along with another elderly man.  We were given new clothes and money to help pay for our medical needs.  I was shocked an couldn’t believe we had each received 10,000 Shillings (£2.30) which is hard for us to get.  Now we are clean and look smart because of the hope that the church has for us, now we feel loved." William

Lale Tearfund

Praise God for all the work He is doing in our community, we thank Him for giving us the opportunity to go through PEP and understand more fully His will for the church. We are thankful that we have come so far in building a new church, please pray that we will be able to complete it soon and that we will be able to use it for the good of the whole community.

Please also pray that all of our pastors will be able to go to theological college. The enemy has brought many false doctrines and we hope to be fully trained in order to combat them.

We thank God that our children are growing strong and know God’s blessing on their lives. Pray that we will be able to get milk processing equipment so that we can feed them with the milk that people’s cows are producing so that they can continue to grow strong.

We have received God’s love through good health and are overjoyed that this year we have had enough rain for our crops.

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